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Dextrin Adhesive Glue

Dextrin, a low molecular weight carbohydrate produced by hydrolysis of starch, is the main ingredient in certain water-based adhesives. Dextrin adhesive glue is a liquid glue manufactured by cooking starch to 200°F in water, which forms a solution that can be modified for tack, open time, and various other properties.

Dextrin adhesives provide clean machining and excellent bonding properties to cellulosic materials, such as paper and paperboard. They exhibit high wet tack, are light straw to amber in appearance and are typically cost effective.

Dextrin applications include laminating, converting, printing, core winding, carton and case sealing, paper bag and envelope manufacturing. Their re-moistenability makes them useful in the manufacturing of stamps and envelopes, and because they are water soluble they can be cleaned easily.

U.S. Adhesives currently manufactures numerous dextrin glues and is continually engaged in the development of new adhesive binding formulas for various applications and industries. A few of our most popular dextrin products are listed below:

Item # Description

White, non-toxic neutral pH paste; repositionable craft paste with excellent lay flat characteristics and extended open time; adheres to porous surfaces and cleans up with water.


This borated dextrin adhesive can be used for case and carton sealing, labeling and laminating. Its pH is 9.0–11.0 and viscosity is 2,000 cPS.

DA-3 DA-3 is a tan dextrin adhesive that is used widely in paper-to-paper applications, from bag seams to cartons and carton labeling. This product is an excellent general-purpose adhesive that complies with 175.105 indirect food contact federal regulations.

Specifically designed for laminating paper-to-paper board. Widely used in industry, this dextrin adhesive meets federal regulations for indirect food contact and cleans up with warm water.


DA-5 is designed to adhere labels to corrugated cartons or fiber drums and is water-soluble.

Whether you need adhesive glue for arts and crafts, packaging, bookbinding, or lamination, U.S. Adhesives can provide a variety of adhesive binding solutions to meet your specific needs. Aside from dextrin glue, we manufacture other water-based formulations including PVA and VAE emulsion based glue, animal glue, as well as construction industry adhesive glue, sealers, and coatings.

Feel free to contact us. We have other formulations available for the different products we offer. With over 500 existing adhesives in our formulary, our development staff can modify our products or create a new one to meet your unique requirements.