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Perfect Binding Adhesive - Hot Melt Applications

Our industry standard hot melt perfect binding adhesive is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of a wide array of applications. Whether you're looking for graphic art adhesive, or a perfect binding hot melt for book sides or spines, you'll find that our selection of hot melt adhesives is the best there is in the market today.

Perfect Binding Adhesive – HM-1 to 11

We know how important it is for you to immediately locate the type of perfect binding hot melt you're looking for, which is why we've made our products page user-friendly – no complicated navigation! Use our product codes and scan our brief descriptions to easily find the product that's most suitable for your requirements. Plus, the codes will make it so much simpler to place your order!

We currently offer 11 types of hot melt perfect binding adhesive, aptly labeled HM-1 to HM-11. The HM-1, is our standard hot melt product that can be applied to most surfaces. This adhesive sets in a matter of seconds (approximately three to four seconds), so if you want something that you can readily trim after application, then this hot melt adhesive is for you.

On the other hand, if you need a perfect binding hot melt for clay-coated or end-grain surfaces, which are considered hard-to-stick surfaces, then we recommend HM-2. This one only takes about 12 seconds to set.

For a no-pigment, colorless hot melt adhesive, choose from HM-3, HM-4, and HM-5.

One of our bestselling graphic art adhesive products is HM-7. This one can be applied to a wide variety of paper stock, and it is generally recommended for side or spine adhesion.

Now if all you need is a graphic art adhesive for book repairs, check out HM-10. This perfect binding adhesive is formulated specifically for this purpose – book repairs.

We invite you to read through our entire perfect binding hot melt products page to know more about each type. If you need a customized type of adhesive, we also offer a custom formulation service to create specially-formulated adhesives based on your requirements. Tell us what you need and we'll come up with the perfect adhesive just for you!

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Item # Description

White, pigmented standard hot melt for most surfaces. Fast set (3-4 seconds), can be trimmed immediately. Flexible, neutral pH and no VOC's.


Premium, white, pigmented hot melt developed for hard to stick surfaces, such as clay coated and end grain. Recommended by Xerox as a "qualified perfect binding adhesive" for iGen output. Slower set time (7-12 seconds), must have elapsed time before trimming. Flexible, good pot life, neutral pH and no VOC's.


Clear, no pigment, colorless glue line. Used on most surfaces. Fast set, can be trimmed immediately. Can be used alone or as second coat in "two shot system with HM-4".  No VOC's.


Clear, no pigment, colorless glue line. A very versatile product. Adheres to a wide variety of difficult surfaces. Not as fast as HM-3, must have elapsed time before trimming. Very flexible at low temperature and room temperature. No "mouse trapping". Use as "Burst-Binding Hot Melt". Use as prime coat in "two shot system". This unique hot melt allows the binder to "pull around" in books. No VOC's.


Clear, no pigment, colorless glue line. Used on clay coated, varnished and end grain surfaces. Fast setting, can be trimmed in line. Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including coated stock. No VOC's.


Opaque hot melt chips designed for tabletop perfect binders that require lower viscosity. Can be run at lower temperature (325F).  Excellent on hard to stick coated text stock and hard to stick cover stock. No VOC's.


Clear, no pigment, tan glue line. Designed as a side and/or spine glue, slow set and non-pressure sensitive.  Will stick to the widest range of paper stock.  Tested by Xerox with iGen cover stock output resulting in excellent full fiber tear with the following cover stock: Xerox Digital Color Gloss, Carolina C1S, Domtar Cornwal C1S and Kromekote C1S on the following hardware devices: Standard Horizon BQ260 and 270 and Bourg BBF2005 and 3002. No VOC's.


Opaque, ethylene vinyl acetate offset to PUR hot melts. Produces lay flat books, but requires longer setting time. Offers economic advantage over PUR. No VOC's.


A fast set, general-purpose hot melt for volume binding. Runs clean with three-knife trimmer. No VOC's.


A "Glue Stick" designed for book repair. Has a very wide range of adhesion and a modest open time for assembly work. No VOC's.


White hot melt chips that melt clear and are designed for lower energy requirements. This is a general-purpose hot melt adhesive for offset paper that can be run at a low temp (280°F) and has a set time of 4 - 6 seconds. HM-11 also adheres to a wide variety of surfaces. No VOC's.