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Book Binding adhesives

Adhesives and Glue for Binding Books

If you're looking for high-quality glue binding solutions for book binding and other similar applications, you've come to the right place. USAdhesives has been in the business of providing excellent adhesives for a wide range of uses since 1973, and with our products now available online, you can easily shop for glues for bookbinding whenever you want.

Our line of glue for bookbinding is specifically formulated to deliver strength and durability so customers are assured that the pages will stay in place no matter how frequently you use the book. Whether you're binding pages to create a book or you're putting together leaves that have become loose, you will find that our book adhesives are the are the best solution for these purposes.

Glue for Binding Books

Our glue book binding products come in different variations, each with specific features to address all types of bookbinding needs. To make it easier for you to select which one is most suitable for your particular requirement, we've arranged our glue binding products by item number, along with a brief description of each.

So for instance, if you look at BB-1, you can readily know what it's best for based on its description. If you're looking for all-in-one glue for bookbinding, the BB-1 is what we recommend. You can use this for casing-in, tipping, case-making and laminating.

If you're going to be gluing by hand, we recommend the BB-5. This glue book binding product is ideal for casing-in. It is particularly formulated to act as a strong casing-in paste.

For machine-operated bookbinding, we have a special starch paste specifically for this purpose. The BB-6 paste is best for uncoated stock, and recommended for use alongside your over-sewing and folding machine.

Now, if what you need are adhesives for book jackets and repairs, take a look at BB-11. This polyvinyl acetate-formulated adhesive is one of our most popular products for book repairs and book jackets.

Finally, for basic paper-on-paper book repair, we recommend using the BB-10 glue binding solution. You can use this on paper substrates and most lightly-coated stock.


We welcome questions and inquiries regarding our glue binding solutions or any of our other products. You may reach us thru email, at sales4@usadhesive.com or call us at 1-312-829-7483 or through our toll-free number: 1-844-694-5666. We also have a Contact Form on our website that allows you to leave a message directly on our site. Simply complete the form and click Submit.

We welcome US and international orders, and we're open to small and large orders so you can readily get your glue for binding books from us in the quantity that you need.

Below is a listing of our most popular adhesives used for tipping, casing-in, case-making, 3-wing casing-in, gluing-off, book repair and other general bookbinding applications.

Feel free to contact us as we have other formulations available. Also, our development staff can create a new adhesive to meet your unique requirements.

Item # Description

Developed for multiple uses such as casing-in, tipping, case-making and laminating. Excellent adhesion for hard to stick substrates, including, but not limited to coated paper, vinyl and board.  Able to stick to itself in 1/4" strips.

Clear, fast setting, flexible, neutral pH and no VOC's.
BB-2 A thin viscosity, water based copolymer with outstanding adhesion to most stock used in the binding industry. Advantages include: water reversibility, fast set time, permanent flexibility, acid free and neutral pH characteristics.
BB-3 A clear, medium set, versatile modified copolymer adhesive that may be used for casing-in, tipping, case-making and laminating.  Has a wide adhesion range and is acid free. 
BB-4 A premium, high solids vinyl acetate copolymer designed for casing-in, case-making and gluing-off. Exhibits excellent lay flat qualities. 
BB-5 Formulated 3-wing casing-in paste. A thick off-white paste with a wide range of adhesion.  Excels in casing-in or gluing-off by hand. 
BB-6 A clean machining, modified starch paste designed for over-sewing and folding machines.  Adheres to most un-coated stocks.  Can be used for tipping.
BB-7 Remoistenable, high solids, fast setting modified polyvinyl acetate that adheres to a wide variety of substrates.
BB-8 A neutral pH bindery adhesive that has a very wide adhesion range.  Dried films are permanently flexible.  Has no negative effect on, or reaction to paper stocks, because it is acid-free.
BB-9 A modified vinyl acrylic adhesive that provides a pressure-sensitive bond for polyester, polyolefin, cellophane and polypropylene to leather, paper and board stock applications.
BB-10 A paper-to-paper book repair adhesive.  A neutral pH adhesive used in libraries and binderies.  Ideal on porous, paper substrates and able to adhere lightly coated stocks.  Offers long open time and easy clean up. 
BB-11 A polyvinyl acetate formulation developed specifically as a book jacket and book repair adhesive.  Acid-free and water-soluble.