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Lamp Shade Adhesives

U.S. Adhesives manufacture a number of adhesives that are specifically designed to be used with different fabrics and materials for making lamp shades. Our lamp shade adhesives cover a number of different functions, and can be used for working with shades, trim work, pleats, and trim, as well as seams, all of which entail the use of different materials.

We understand that crafting lamp shades require a special type of adhesive, as the components of a lamp shade must be able to properly adhere to one another at higher temperatures, since the final product will inevitably be used close to a light source that will heat up the adhesive and materials. As such, lamp shade adhesives must also be designed to be non-flammable for safety. For this purpose, we offer a number of water-based adhesives that will work well for lamp shade making. For the crafter, a lamp shade adhesive must also be easy to use and work with, and finally, must be neat so as not to ruin the quality of the end product.

Whether you're working with paper shades, trim made of fabric, and other materials for decorating a new or existing lamp shade, you'll find the adhesives you need at U.S. Adhesives. We offer water-based, fast-setting adhesives, as well as other general purpose adhesives that are designed to meet the req

Below is a listing of our most popular lamp shade adhesives, along with their corresponding item number.

Item # Description

A water-based emulsion system that is designed for gluing all types of paper shades.


A water-based emulsion system that is very fast setting. Designed for trim work and general purpose. Use on vinyl and styrene.

LS-3 A water-based emulsion system with added adhesion promoter for vinyl and styrene. Designed for mushroom pleats and trim, and is also an excellent general-purpose adhesive. May be used on vinyl and styrene.

A high viscosity version of LS-3. Designed for adhering rigid pleats, non-sagging.


A solvent-based system designed for seaming styrene shades. The LS-5 can also be used for adhering rigid pleats.


A solvent-based system with added adhesion promoter for sealing vinyl and adhering to vinyl.

These are only a few of our popular and most recommended lamp shade adhesive formulations that can be used for this specific craft. We offer other adhesive types for other applications, such as arts and crafts and book binding, as well as products for use in other industries including construction and graphic arts.

If you have any other special adhesive needs or requirements, such as an adhesive that will work well for binding specific materials, please feel free to contact us, as we also have other formulations available. For other specific needs, you can also consult with our development staff so we can create a custom adhesive formula that will meet your unique requirements.

We can also deliver your custom or pre-formulated adhesive orders in the amount that you require. So whether you require a small amount of adhesive in a five-gallon pail, or an amount large enough to fill a tanker, contact us today. We’ll be glad to be of service.