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Find the Perfect Crafts Glue Here

Definitely one of the staples in any DIY or crafter's work space is the humble, yet extremely important bottle or jar or craft glue. Look in their drawer or shelf and you will almost always find not just one, but several types of crafting glue for use with different materials, allowing them to create beautiful, unique, and inspiring pieces created by their very own hands.

Unbeknownst to some people, glue can do more than just adhere one piece to another. Diluted with water and brushed over items, it can form a laminate and give a glossy finish. Mix it with torn up paper and press it into a mold to create a clay-like material. With the variety of craft glues we carry, it's all a matter of what you need and what you want to do.

Our crafts glues work on a variety of materials such as paper, card stock, leather, cloth, and PVC just to name a few. For more creative and constructive uses, they can also be used with natural materials like leaves and pebbles, knick knacks like buttons, and found items like shells. All it takes to create something wonderful is your creativity and knowledge of what glue will work for you.

Our crafts adhesives work in a variety of ways. Some are fast setting, while others have a long open time in case you want to make some adjustments to your project or artwork. We have glue types that are your standard "white school glue" that can be easily used even by the youngest of crafters without worrying about a difficult clean up.

Stumped by stickiness? Vexed by viscosity? Let us help you sort out the technical side of adhesives to help you get what you need. If you are looking for a particular craft adhesive or are not sure what type of glue you need for your project, feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Because not all crafting involves paper and fabric, you may need an adhesive that has more bonding power or something that can be used outdoors. We also carry natural rubber adhesives and hot melt adhesives for more adhesion power in your crating kit.

In addition to the broad inventory of adhesives we stock, U.S. Adhesives also specializes in creating custom formulations for our customers to meet their specific needs. Our chemists can work with you to create the perfect solution for your job or project requirements. Let us be your partner in all your adhesive needs.

Below is a listing of our most popular arts & crafts industry adhesives.

Feel free to contact us as we have other formulations available. Also, our development staff can create a new adhesive to meet your unique requirements.

Item # Description

A premium, high solids, copolymer emulsion capable of adhering a wide range of arts & crafts industry stock including but not limited to porous substrates as well as non-porous substrates such as: cloth, leather, PVC, treated polyethylene, aluminum and polystyrene foam. Relatively fast setting. Excellent as a face coating; provides a glossy transparent coating.


A cost efficient, modified polyvinyl acetate adhesive that will adhere to a large variety of substrates in the arts & crafts industry. Water based, permanently flexible, fast setting, and easy clean up.

AC-3 The ultimate craft paste. A formulated, high solids, dextrin white paste. Has lay flat qualities, long open time (which allows ample time for repositioning), a neutral pH and is non-toxic. Cleans up easily with water. Used within schools, libraries and by crafters for laminating, mounting and archival paper to paper substrates.

This modified copolymer product has outstanding adhesion to the widest range of craft stocks, both porous and non-porous, coated and uncoated substrates.


Our modified vinyl acetate homopolymer adhesive is a functional match for the more commercial "standard" hobby glues.


Our standard "white school glue" has excellent adhesion to porous substrates and is economical.