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Label Adhesive for Various Applications

Labels are important for any type of consumer product. With several players in the label industry, USAdhesives stands out from the rest. With our industry-standard label adhesive, you're assured that the label will stay in place, and will display your text, logo or graphics way that you designed it – in vivid, vibrant colors, or rich black and white.

From our range of labeling adhesive products, you will find that we have formulated each one specific to your requirements. Whether you need pressure sensitive adhesive, or label adhesive that is (tap) water soluble, our line of labeling adhesive products can do the job, and do it well!

What We Offer

To make it easier for you to remember our label adhesives, we've given them codes instead of long, hard-to-remember names. We currently offer 10 different types of labeling adhesives, from PSA-1 to PSA-10.

PSA-1, is the label adhesive that you need if what you require is a glue that doesn't need steam or have high alkali. This one only requires tepid water to be repulped.

If you're in the PVC bottle business, we highly recommend PSA-2. This product was specially formulated for PVC bottles, and while they have strong adhesion to the bottles, these can also be removed when bottles are placed under strong streams of water. This means you can easily recycle used bottles, and re-label them!

For a label adhesive that sticks to corrugated surfaces, you'll want to check out PSA-3. And if what you need is a labeling adhesive that is soluble in tap water, we recommend PSA-4. Want an adhesive with the capacity to resist battery fluids? You'll be glad to know that we have just what you're looking for! PSA-5 was especially designed for this purpose.

On the other hand, if what you specifically need is something that is designed for laser label printers, then check out PSA-6. It has an excellent heat resistant quality which makes it ideal for laser printers.

These are only some of our high-quality, industry-standard label adhesives. Please feel free to browse through our entire products page to learn more about all types of label adhesives that we offer.

Customized Labeling Adhesive

If you need a customized label adhesive, like a more pressure sensitive adhesive, you can tell us about your requirements and we can create a solution for you. We not only offer ready-to-use label adhesives, we also offer custom formulation services to meet our clients' needs. Whether you need another type of pressure sensitive adhesive or an adhesive that requires special formulation, we can accommodate your request.

Contact us today! Call us at (312) 829-7438, or through our toll-free number (844) 694-5666. You may also send us an email at sales4@usadhesive.com.

Item # Description

A repulpable permanent that does not require hot water (steam) or high alkali. PSA-1 must be repulped in tepid water at a pH of 6.9 - 7.1.

PSA-2 This product has outstanding adhesion to PVC bottles and can be washed off the bottle by sharp streams of water for recycling. PSA-2 also adheres to glass as well as other materials.
PSA-3 A wide adhesion range product that fills most permanent needs. PSA-3 adheres to corrugated, glass, PVC, polyolefin and polyesters.
PSA-4 This product has the unique ability to be totally soluble in tap water. This is not to be confused with a repulpable. PSA-4 totally washes off the label.
PSA-5 This product is resistant to battery fluids. PSA-5 has excellent adhesion to polypropylene and can be coated heavy enough to fill the gaps created by the "pebbled cases".
PSA-6 Designed for laser printed labels. PSA-6 has high shear and good heat resistance. It can also be used on PVC.
PSA-7 Adheres to all polyolefins. PSA-7 has great tack and can be coated heavy without "oozing".
PSA-8 A very clean machining, easy to clean up permanent that can be run on a printing press or a coater. PSA-8 has a very wide adhesion range but adheres especially well to kraft and manila.
PSA-9 The only premium permanent you need to have in your line. PSA-9 is designed to adhere to chemically rinsed or coated containers. Very tacky and very aggressive dry film.
PSA-10 A higher shear, higher heat resistant version of PSA-9.