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Laminating Adhesives

Lamination involves a process that permanently binds different materials to give the final product a number of desired properties, such as increased strength or protection. For lamination processes that involve the use of adhesives, U.S. Adhesives manufactures a range of laminating adhesives specifically designed for the laminating industry and different types of lamination.

We create adhesives that are designed to provide increased adhesion to different substrates and materials, such as polyolefin, Mylar, cloth, paper, vinyl, plastic, aluminum, and various other metals and metalized foils. We understand the requirements of lamination, including the need for surfaces to lay flat and wrinkle free for a smooth and strong final product.

When looking through our recommended formulas below, take the time to view the details of each product to make sure that you select the right laminating adhesives that will work best for your purposes. An adhesive that works with metals will not be the best one to use with paper or fabrics. All of our adhesive formulas have been designed to work well with a different set of substrates. We offer nine of our most popular formulas below, all of which are designed to work best for laminating specific substrates, from paper and plastics to porous boards and various metals.

Below is a listing of our most popular adhesives for the laminating industry. Find the best laminating adhesive that works best for your requirements.

Item # Description

A premium, high solids, VAE copolymer emulsion adhesive for a wide variety of laminating applications. Provides increased adhesion to substrates such as polyolefin, Mylar, and cloth as well as aluminum and other metalized foils.


A VAE copolymer emulsion adhesive developed for various laminating needs. Forms a strong bond between porous substrates and polyolefins.

LAM-3 A high solids VAE copolymer emulsion adhesive designed for improved adhesion to difficult substrates such as polyolefin and various metals

A modified VAE copolymer emulsion adhesive providing superior adhesion to metalized films and paper as well as polyolefin films.


A formulated, high solids, VAE copolymer emulsion adhesive with excellent lay flat qualities.


A modified dextrin lay flat lamination adhesive. Laminations made with LAM-6 dry lay flat and wrinkle free. LAM-6 runs clean and trouble free.


A VAE copolymer designed for lay flat laminations of paper/board. Has the solids and lay flat qualities required in laminating. Capable of handling all types of coated and uncoated paper and board stocks. Machines cleanly and washes up easily with warm water.


A higher solids version of the LAM-7 that offers superior lay flat characteristics.


A modified VAE copolymer laminating emulsion. Water reversible, capable of adhering hard to stick stock such as vinyl and plastic; acid free.

These are our most recommended laminating adhesive formulations that can be used for this specific industry. We offer other adhesive types for other specific applications and industries, such as woodworking adhesives and mastic adhesives for construction, or lamp shade and bookbinding adhesives for addressing the needs of different applications in arts and crafts.

If you have any other special adhesive needs or requirements, such as an adhesive that will work well for binding specific materials in a specific setting time, please feel free to contact us, as we also have hundreds of other formulations available for use in a wide variety of applications.

For other specific needs, you may also consult with our development staff here at U.S. Adhesives so we can formulate a custom adhesive that will meet your unique requirements perfectly. We can also deliver your custom or pre-formulated adhesives in the amount that you require. So whether you need your adhesive in a five-gallon pail or in a tanker, talk to us and we'll make it happen.