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Animal Adhesive & Glue Products

Animal glue, also referred to as "hide glue," was the first kind of binding product known to man. It was the primary type of adhesive or glue available before modern synthetic polymers were discovered.

Animal adhesives are derived from gelatin that is extracted from collagen, a naturally-occurring substance found in bovine and porcine hides. As a sizing agent, animal-based adhesive and binding products are water soluble. Until the introduction of synthetic adhesives, animal glue was the preferred gluing agent due to its great versatility and usefulness in various fields of application.

Unlike other types of adhesives, animal glue is applied while hot and typically with a brush. Its unique properties as a non-toxic adhesive and glue make animal glue ideal for bookbinding, laminating, woodworking, as well as making and restoring paintings and antiques, illuminated parchment manuscripts, arrow fletching, and other specialty applications. Animal-based adhesives also dissolve quickly and are safe and biodegradable.

U.S. Adhesives is a leading adhesive manufacturer that provides various grades of animal glue for a variety of applications.

Below is a listing of our most popular animal adhesive and binding products:

Item # Description

Designed for handmade bindery work, this dark slab animal glue exhibits strong tack and extended open time.


Engineered for use in Pot Devin adhesive applicators, this animal glue is used for “case-making” in bookbinding and general laminating. It exhibits extended open time and excellent lay flat characteristics.

AG-3 This brown animal glue is designed for "case-making" on various binding machines such as Kolbus and Sheridan.

Modified animal glue designed for high-speed “case-making."


Higher viscosity form of AG-4, this product exhibits strong tack and pleasant citrus fragrance.

For industrial and specialized applications ranging from arts and crafts, construction, and graphic arts, to antique restoration and laminating, U.S. Adhesives has a wide selection of animal-based binding products for any project. For more information on our products and services, and to learn more about our customized formulations, please contact us today.