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VAE Emulsion Adhesive Glue

(Vinyl Acetate Ethylene)

Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) copolymers are water-based emulsions that offer considerable performance advantages over Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) homopolymer adhesive glue due to the ability to alter their glass transition temperature (Tg°C) through the incorporation of ethylene monomer. As ethylene content increases, glass transition temperature decreases.

VAE adhesives offer comparable machining properties to PVAs with the added benefit of significantly improved adhesion to non-porous surfaces, such as vinyl, aluminum, etc. VAE glue also exhibits better flexibility, water resistance, and cost-performance while offering superior adhesive binding properties along with more user-friendly compounding characteristics.

Flexible packaging adhesives constitute the largest area of application for VAEs. Included in this market segment are case and carton sealing, bonding of coated board, the manufacture of paper bags, etc. Laminating applications represent another substantial use for VAE adhesive glue. Because of their flexibility, moisture resistance, and superior substrate adhesion, VAEs also find wide use in adhesives for furniture manufacture, bookbinding, textiles, and do-it-yourself projects. VAEs are also popular in the fabrication of non-woven products, such as toweling and diapers, and in the backing of fabrics and carpeting.

U.S. Adhesives manufactures numerous types of VAE emulsion glue—a few of our most popular are listed below:

Item # Description

General-purpose adhesive with excellent wet tack, superior machinability, high heat resistance and flexibility. This VAE adheres to a wide variety of substrates, from film to metallized film. It is used in many industries across the globe.


High solids VAE (68-70%) designed for bookbinding, but perfect for many other industrial applications from paper-bag-manufacturing to automobile trimming. This environmentally safe, low-odor adhesive glue contains no solvents.

VAE-3 Designed for laminating coated and uncoated paper stock, this VAE may also be used for adhering cloth, wood, PVC, and glass.

Re-moistenable envelope adhesive; dries clear and glossy and is available in various viscosities.


Premium, high solids, VAE copolymer emulsion glue for a wide variety of laminating applications. Provides increased adhesive binding to substrates such as polyolefin, Mylar and cloth as well as aluminum and other metalized foils.

U.S. Adhesives offers various water-based formulations, including PVA emulsion, SBR latex (synthetic rubber), natural rubber, and acrylic adhesives for a wide range of applications, as well as adhesive glue, sealers, and coatings for the construction industry. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our available formulations. Also, our development staff can create a new adhesive to meet your unique requirements.