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PVA Emulsion Adhesive Glue

(Polyvinyl Acetate)

There is a growing demand for adhesive and glue-based emulsion polymers with many manufacturers switching from solvent-based adhesives to water-based adhesives. There are a number of benefits that include, aside from reduction of costs, the absence of flammable substances, reduction of risk, and easier handling.

Polyvinyl Acetate, or PVA based adhesives have been widely used for many decades due to their versatile and useful performance in a wide variety of applications from paper lamination, packaging, envelopes, textiles, furniture, and bookbinding to consumer/household purposes.

Generally, PVA based adhesives have outstanding adhesion to common high energy surfaces such as cotton, wood, and paper, to name a few.

Here at U.S. Adhesives, we have a range of PVA water-based adhesives with our most popular formulations found in the list below:

Item # Description

Standard "school glue" for general-purpose applications including paper-to-paper, paper-to-cloth or felt, and many more everyday uses. A match to Elmer’s white glue.


Designed for book repair, this medium viscosity, high solids PVA adheres paper-to-paper, coated and uncoated stock, Kraft corrugated and chip board cartons.

PVA-3 Specifically designed for the corrugated carton industry, this product, which adheres Kraft and oyster white cartons, both printed and unprinted, machines well and cleans up easily with warm water.

Designed for laminating veneer to wood, this product has been used in the furniture manufacturing industry for many years.


This re-moistenable low-viscosity adhesive dries clear and glossy; perfect for envelope manufacturing, it machines well and is easy to clean.

Many people opt to use PVA because of its good stability to light and its resistance to unsightly yellowing. Moreover, PVA is soluble, making the gluing process reversible. PVA can be easily removed and made ready quickly for re-gluing tasks. It is one of the most common types of glue and can be used for multiple purposes from basic school and office tasks to adhesive binding and more. It is also affordable and offers standard/medium bonding strength that everyday tasks require.

While PVA holds a number of potential and general uses, it's not suited for all tasks. PVA cannot be used on all surfaces. For example, the adhesive has a corroding effect on items that are composed of metal, thus should not be applied unless a coat of varnish has been applied to the metal first to prevent being affected by the adhesive. Additionally, it remains ineffective on surfaces that are non-porous and is most effective in environments that are in room temperature.

For other such requirements, USA Adhesive offers other products from acrylic adhesives to natural rubber adhesives and construction adhesives, sealers, and coating.

If you are in need of a specific type of adhesive, do not hesitate to contact us. Our product development team can work with you to formulate the adhesive you require.