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Hot Melt Product Line

Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers Provide Great Options for Manufacturing Needs

There are times when ordinary adhesive won’t serve your purposes, and you need to look for hot melt adhesive manufacturers in your area. Thankfully, now you don’t have to look far and wide as we at the Chicago-based U.S. Adhesives offer our services to both domestic and foreign markets.

There are many advantages to using hot melt products in comparison with solvent-based adhesives. For one, curing and drying time is lessened, if not eradicated, as hot melt adhesives typically solidify and set in short periods of time. Similarly, the adhesive has a long shelf life with minimal to no hazards when it comes to disposal. It could also be flexible, depending on your needs, and be made to withstand temperatures that would normally melt adhesives. These things and more make hot melt adhesives ideal for both manufacturing needs, and even in special projects such as arts and crafts.

Of course, there are instances when hot melt adhesive manufacturers have to find ways to rely on technology to keep the adhesive from losing thickness or losing bond strength over a period of time at specific temperatures. With regard to this, you are in good hands with U.S. Adhesives. Operating since 1937, we bring to you over seven decades of expertise to ensure that your needs are all attended to. Furthermore, we keep abreast of technological advancements that are applied to each product, which could help you whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or personal use.

U.S. Adhesives’ extensive portfolio of hot melt products offers a broad range of options for general and customer-specific applications. Among these products are hot melt vinyl, hot melt tape, and hot melt coating. This diverse range of products makes us a competitive and reliable hot melt adhesive manufacturer.

From EVA, Pressure-Sensitive pillows and chubs to Metallocene, Polyethylene, and hot melt polyurethane, our wide variety of products meet the ever-changing requirements of the industry. We remain at the forefront of hot melt technology by constantly developing new products for general consumption and particular formulas made specifically to get the job done for new and existing customers.

In case we don’t currently offer the kind of adhesive you need, contact us today and talk to us about your needs. We can customize an order to address your requirements and provide you with a product that will serve the purpose. Our varied mixing equipment helps us accommodate both small and large orders, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!