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Acrylic Adhesive Glue

Water-based acrylic polymer emulsions are environmentally friendly adhesives that provide a balance between shear (the ability of the adhesive glue to stick to itself), tack (the degree to which the adhesive bonds immediately to the adherend), and peel (the bond strength between the adhesive and the adherend, which typically increases over time during the curing process).

Many acrylic polymers are cross-linkable. Cross-linking gives the final adhesive binding product weather and aging resistance as well as resistance to water, laundry detergents, and solvents. Examples of acrylic adhesives include PSAs (pressure-sensitive adhesives) and emulsion systems used to bond paper to paper for lamination.

U.S. Adhesives manufactures acrylic adhesive glue for a wide variety of applications. With numerous products in our formulary and custom formulation available, we have the ability to exceed the expectations of our customers and potential new clients. A few of our most popular acrylic adhesives are listed below:

Item # Description

A repulpable permanent that does not require hot water (steam) or high alkali. PSA-1 must be repulped in tepid water at a pH of 6.9–7.1.


This glue has outstanding adhesion to PVC bottles and can be washed off the bottle by sharp streams of water for recycling. PSA-2 also adheres to glass as well as other materials.

ACR-3 A higher peel adhesion and quick stick version of TI-3 that will maintain good shear resistance.

The premium water-based acrylic for tape work. Can be used on all films and foams. High adhesion, high shear and high quick stick.


A very high shear, good heat resistant tape glue. It is recommended for PVC and polyester. Can be used for laminating; die cuts cleanly. Can be coated at 3 to 5 mils wet without "oozing."

For applications ranging from arts and crafts to packaging, bookbinding, and lamination, U.S. Adhesives can provide you with a variety of adhesive binding products to meet your specific needs. Aside from acrylics, we manufacture other water-based formulations, including PVA and VAE emulsion-based glue, natural and synthetic rubber adhesives, as well as construction grade adhesive glue, sealers, and coatings. We also offer hot melt, dextrin, and animal adhesive products.

Feel free to contact us to know about other formulations available for the different products we offer. Also, with over 500 existing adhesives in our formulary, our development staff can modify our products or create a new one to meet your unique requirements.