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Packaging Adhesives for Paper Bags

U.S. Adhesives offers a wide variety of products such as paper bag adhesives and glues for our customers whose clients are fond of creating scrapbook projects and other design materials. There are many ways of using adhesives for hand-crafted projects, including the dilution of glue. This mixture can be applied on your project as a kind of smooth finish, especially when dealing with paper ad fabric materials.

The benefits of using adhesive and glue products for arts and crafts aren’t limited to its ease of use. Their use goes beyond a simple and efficient way of adhering two items together. First, adhesive products enhance the end product’s strength. These also contribute to a longer-lasting performance of the materials. For example, using a superior adhesive product that is both light and durable for bonding your DIY custom-designed paper bags is a great idea. Instead of using staplers which can cause tearing, bonding the materials together with a high-quality adhesive product will ensure a longer life span for the material.

But perhaps the most evident advantage of using packaging adhesives for arts and crafts is an improved flexibility for design. A packaging adhesive allows the bonding of two items with different sizes and composition for a varied combination. To put it simply, glass materials can be joined together with plastic items, metal objects, and ceramics among other items. The use of a paper bag adhesive can be a great alternative too for the prevention of deformities, which leads to a better aesthetic appearance of a product. Adhesives are perfect to safeguard your product against deterioration.

Item # Description

A VAE copolymer emulsion developed as a seam adhesive for a double wax bag.


A modified VAE copolymer emulsion designed as a bottom adhesive for a double wax bag. This product has outstanding adhesion to coated stock (waxing grade) on soft bottom bags.


A modified vinyl acrylic emulsion, formulated as a seam glue for difficult to stick substrates such as nonporous to porous and coated stock.


A vinyl acrylic emulsion designed as a bottom paste for nonporous to porous hard to stick coated stock.


A modified VAE copolymer emulsion laminating adhesive providing improved adhesion to metalized films and paper as well as polyolefin films.


A VAE Terpolymer developed as an effective foil bag seam adhesive.


A VAE Terpolymer developed as an effective foil bag bottom adhesive.


A high solids VAE copolymer designed as a paper bag laminating adhesive.


A premium modified vinyl acrylic pressure-sensitive bottom adhesive. Formulated to adhere a variety of difficult substrates such as waxing grade, Kraft greaseproof kit level 4-8 and polyolefin.


A dextrin based adhesive for Kraft paper to paper, greaseproof kit level 4-8 and multi-walled bags. Proven in the field to be effective as both a laminating adhesive and seam adhesive.

We have a wide range of adhesive items for the packaging industry. Our best-selling products range from the PK-1 to the PK-10 variants. These adhesives are made from different types of chemical solutions and formulas. If you are looking for a certain type of adhesive that is not on our current set, we can definitely manufacture a unique formula that will meet your requirements.

Since U.S. Adhesives’ establishment in 1937, we have remained committed in finding modern solutions for packaging adhesives for a variety of purposes, apart from arts and crafts. Some of the other applications for adhesive and glue products include lamination, book binding, construction, and labeling uses.

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