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Packing Industry Adhesive for Cases, Cartons, and Corrugated Substrates

There are many kinds of packing industry adhesive products which are suitable for paper and carton substrates, but how do you know which one is the right type for the job? For this reason, we here at U.S. Adhesives supply a wide selection of packing industry adhesives to meet our clients' various requirements. Our packaging adhesives can be used for different packing applications and substrates such as paper and carton, as well as packaging materials that are corrugated. Adhesive formulations specially developed by us are high-performing and cost-effective.

Knowing what kind of adhesive to use for cases and cartons can take a fair amount of research. To help you, we've taken out the guest work with adhesives specifically formulated for the packaging industry. This ensures that you choose the right type of adhesive for a specific material, with the setting time you require and other specifications. We've listed down our popular packing industry adhesive formulations along with their applications.

Item # Description

A dextrin hot melt adhesive in tan chip form.  Cost efficient hot melt that can be used on porous paper/board substrates.  Excellent at low application temperatures (250-275F).


A modified EVA hot melt adhesive, amber in color, designed to successfully adhere substrates for carton forming and sealing.


A formulated EVA hot melt adhesive that can be used on coated substrates.  Low viscosity, high softening point, machines well at lower application temperatures (270-280F).


An EVA hot melt adhesive; excellent for high speed machining with outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Developed to set fast during carton sealing and forming applications.


A cost efficient vinyl acetate homopolymer adhesive that adheres to a wide variety of porous substrates found in the case, carton and corrugated packaging industry.


A fast setting, vinyl copolymer adhesive with outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of coated and un-coated paper substrates. 


A modified vinyl acetate homopolymer formulated as a corrugated case and carton sealing glue. Relatively fast setting, easy clean up. 


A formulated vinyl copolymer with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of case, carton and paper substrates, un-coated to coated; fast setting.


A premium vinyl acetate copolymer formulated as a corrugated case and carton sealing adhesive for a wide variety of substrates. Fast setting, aggressive green tack and easy clean up. 

Among our packing industry adhesives include the PKC-5 and PKC-7 which can be used for cartons and cases. These adhesives contain vinyl acetate homopolymer emulsion. Their differences lie on their designated uses. The PKC-5 adhesive sticks to several kinds of porous substrates in cases and cartons, while the PKC-7 product acts as a sealing glue, with quick setting and easy cleanup features.

Some of our carton adhesive formulations are also ideal for certain application temperatures. For instance, the PKC-1adhesive is an excellent choice for porous paper/board substrates in application temperatures between 250 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit, while the PKC-3 is recommended for coated substrates in application temperatures from 270 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you're looking for a flexible product that can be used for general carton and case sealing applications, you can opt for adhesives formulated with vinyl copolymer. These include the PKC-6 and PKC-8 that can be used for a wide variety of paper substrates both coated and uncoated.

Don't find the adhesive product you need among these formulations? You can contact us and speak with our development team as we have over 500 existing adhesives in our formulary that we can use to customize the right adhesive product for you.

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, U.S. Adhesives can provide you with an extensive range of adhesive and glue products including adhesives for book binding, arts & crafts, as well as woodworking and mastics for the construction industry. For more information on our packing industry adhesives and other products, feel free to contact us.