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Mastic adhesives

When it comes to construction-grade adhesives, nothing beats the selection that you can find here at U.S. Adhesives. We are a leading supplier of high-quality glues and adhesives formulated specifically for applications in the construction industry. From mastic adhesive for tiles, floorings, ceilings and windows, to woodworking glues and bookbinding pastes, we are your premier source for construction adhesives.

Our current selection of mastic adhesives can be used for a variety of applications. Each one has a special formulation that exceeds other mastic glues that you can find in the market today.


When you browse through our selection of mastic adhesives, you will find that we have coded these by item number so you will find it easier to remember which type of mastic glue you'd like to purchase.

The MC-1 mastic adhesive is ideal for general applications. Easy to apply, this trowelable mastic glue has an adhesive quality that's perfect for installing plywood, tileboards, wood studs, and other wall and flooring applications.


If what you're looking for is a glue that is specially formulated for installing tiles, we recommend using the MC-2. This mastic tile adhesive is VOC- and ODS-free, and offers excellent adhesion for tiles on wood or wallboards. It's also ideal for paneling purposes.


If what you need is mastic adhesive for installing expanded styrene insulation, check out the MC-3. Not only is this product ideal for insulation installation, you can also use this for general applications.


The MC-4 mastic glue is specifically developed for use with PVC and ceramic tiles, glass, and polystyrene.

Whatever type of mastic paste you need, whether a tile mastic or mastic for general use, U.S. Adhesive is the best place to get your adhesive supplies.

Custom Mastic Adhesive

We're happy to inform you that apart from providing ready-to-use glues, we can also create a custom mastic glue according to your requirements. Is there a special adhesive combination that you have in mind, or do you want us to help you find the perfect formula for your special requirement? Contact us and tell us the type of formulation you need.

Tell what you're looking for and we'll do our best to create a mix according to your exact specifications. We'll tell you if the formula you have in mind needs a bit more tweaking so you'll get a good quality adhesive.

Give us a call today, and let's talk about your customized adhesive. Our toll-free number is (844) 694-5666. You may also reach us at (312) 829-7438. Want to email us instead? Send us a message at sales4@usadhesive.com.

Below is a listing of our most popular mastic adhesives.

Feel free to contact us as we have other formulations available. Also, our development staff can create a new adhesive to meet your unique requirements.

Item # Description

Environmentally friendly general-purpose mastic; trowlable, adheres to a wide variety of substrates including un-coated concrete, wood studs, particleboard and wood.


VOC and ODS free mastic; can be used to adhere ceramic tile to wall board, vinyl tile to wood, wall board and paneling to wood and expanded styrene to concrete.

MC-3 Adheres to a variety of substrates including concrete (un-coated), wood studs, particleboard. Perfect for adhering ceramic tile to wood and wallboard and expanded styrene (insulation) to concrete.

Trowlable off-white paste; excellent flexibility, very good dry film characteristics. Adheres glass, pvc tile, ceramic tile and polystyrene.