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Adhesive Tape

Since 1937, U.S. Adhesives has been in the business of providing high-quality adhesive tape products for a variety of applications and uses. By definition, a tape adhesive generally requires pressure for its activation without the need for heat, solvent, or water. This adhesive product can be used for many industrial purposes. Our current line of popular pressure-sensitive tapes comprise nine variants: ranging from the TI-1 adhesive to the TI-9 items. This line of pressure-sensitive tapes are known for their peel adhesion, quick sticking features, shear capabilities, and cost-efficiency.

The TI-1 adhesive product is a great option for wood surfaces. This is also suitable for use on PVC materials. We recommend this product as one of our adhesive tape items that can be used for transfer tape applications. Transfer tapes are quite different since these do not contain a backing material. Instead, the adhesive is manufactured between two layers of detachable, double-sided coated release liner.

Tape adhesive products that are more commonly used include the transparent office tape. As the name suggests, this pressure-sensitive tape has a clear film backing with an acrylic or an artificial rubber-based adhesive. This is generally used for tasks with an ordinary need for adhesion such as wrapping presents, pinning paper on flat surfaces, and fixing damaged paper products. When it comes to a general-purpose type of adhesive tape, the TI-9 product is one our most preferred types.

A foam tape is another variant of an adhesive, which is made from materials such as polyethylene or a similar component that is sticky on one or both sides. Using this kind of tape is quite common for gasketing and sealing spaces. For instance, medical foam tape may be applied to situations where regular kinds of tape and bandages are unable to provide the best form of protection. Foam tapes are also normally elastic and stretchable in different ways. Other uses for foam tape include weather-stripping purposes. Our TI-4 tape adhesive is an example of a high-shear, high-tack adhesive tape specifically manufactured for adhesion to polyolefin.

Browse through our other adhesive products to learn more. Our affordable tape items are designed to provide customers with the best form of adhesion for a particular job. If you require a specific type of adhesive, contact us today. Our years of industry experience has helped us with the technical know-how of formulating new adhesive types that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

For inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (844) 694-5666; we’d be glad to assist you.

Item # Description

Excellent adhesion to Volara® and wood. Ideal for foam glazing tape. It is also recommended for transfer tape. Can be used on PVC.

TI-2 A product designed for polyolefin and PVC foam mounting tape. A good balance of adhesion, shear & quick stick properties.
TI-3 A very high shear, good heat resistant tape adhesive. It is recommend for PVC and polyester. Can be used for laminating; die cuts cleanly. Can be coated at 3 to 5 mils wet without "oozing".
TI-4 A high shear, high tack product that has adhesion specifically to polyolefin. Used in foam tape and gasket markets.
TI-5 A fire retardant laminating pressure-sensitive. See technical data sheet for details.
TI-6 A higher peel adhesion and quick stick version of TI-3 that maintains good shear resistance.
TI-7 This product approaches the performance of solvent based systems. Can be used on all films and foams but not recommend for PVC.
TI-8 The premium water based acrylic for tape work. Can be used on all films and foams. High adhesion, high shear and high quick stick.
TI-9 A general-purpose tape adhesive. Can be used on all films and foams. Best balance of shear, peel adhesion, quick stick and cost.