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SBR Latex

(Synthetic Rubber)

Styrene butadiene copolymer (SBR) latex is a type of synthetic rubber adhesive that is durable and highly recommended for commercial and industrial use. Produced from two monomers—butadiene, which is obtained from petroleum, butane, or ethyl alcohol; and styrene, which is obtained from petroleum or benzene - the pressure-sensitive adhesive is extensively used for bonding fibrous materials. SBR adhesives are also known for their excellent bonding strength, highly stable properties, and ability to dry quickly and easily.

At U.S. Adhesives, we know how important long-lasting and cost-effective adhesive solutions are to businesses, and our carefully adhesive rubber products will serve a number of purposes and applications. We manufacture and distribute a range of standard rubber adhesive formulations, as well as custom made SBR latex solutions for a wide range of consumers.

Below is a listing of our most popular SBR latex (synthetic rubber) adhesives:

Item # Description

General-purpose water-based contact cement.


Adhesive rubber specifically designed to adhere rubber to rubber, this SBR product offers a strong bond, can be used to adhere rubber to leather and rubber to metal.

SBR-3 Rubber cement; adheres porous or non-porous substrates.

Solvent based contact cement; perfect for bonding veneer and leather; offers strong bond; will not warp or curl at edges.


SBR label glue; highly resistant to water, 14,000-18,000 CPS.

U.S. Adhesive offers customers an extensive range of rubber adhesives that include not only synthetic rubber but also acrylics, natural rubber , and hot melt adhesives, to name a few. Our multi-purpose adhesive rubber formulations are used as bonding agents for many different purposes and materials such as cloth, metals, wood, leather and much more.

Here at U.S. Adhesives, we not only manufacture and distribute standard adhesives, we can also modify or create customized products depending on your specific needs. With over 500 existing adhesives in our formulary, we seek to provide all our clients with innovative, affordable, high quality and durable adhesive products that will work over long periods of time to suit our customers' specialized requirements.

To learn more about the adhesive products that we offer, or for inquiries regarding our custom adhesive formulations, please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.