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Silk Screen adhesives

When working on silk screen projects, the type of adhesive you use can affect the quality and outcome of your work. No matter what silk screening method you use, the quality of the silk screen adhesive can make the entire printing process either faster, simpler, and easier, or more complicated and tedious than it already is.

Here at U.S. Adhesives, we offer a range of silk screen adhesives specifically designed for all kinds of silk screen work. Whether you're working with a sensitive fabric for a DIY project or wood panels as a novelty item, our silk screen adhesives are guaranteed to be safe, strong, and quick to clean up.

Among the most common problems encountered with silk screen adhesives has to do with adhesion, specifically adhesive strength. Using poor quality silk screen adhesive may result in bad registration because the adhesive isn't strong enough to hold the material in place. Conversely, silk screen adhesives with adhesion properties that are too strong may damage the screen or mesh, fabric, stencils, and your other tools once you're done with them.

With our solutions for silk screen jobs, you can avoid these common adhesive issues. This is because our silk screen adhesives are specifically designed with silk screen applications in mind.

Below is a listing of our most popular silk screen adhesives that will greatly help in producing clean and clear silk screen images:

Item # Description

Clean running dextrine based adhesive with excellent lay flat characteristics. One hundred percent water soluble makes for easy clean up. Can be used for all non-coated paper and chip board substrates.


Resin based adhesive that has the unique ability to be soluble in its own lacquer, which keeps the screen clean. Water soluble for easy clean up. Used for all paper and some lightly coated board substrates.

SS-3 A water soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive that has the unique ability to be silk screened. It can be cleaned up with water. Can be used on UV coated substrates, polyester and PVC.

This product has outstanding adhesion to the widest number of substrates to chips used in the sample book industry.


Our standard resin adhesive that will adhere to a large variety of substrates in the sample book industry. Can also be used for mounting.

To help you with your silk screen printing work, we advise that you first identify the materials and the different substrates you will be using. Depending on the details of your project, you may find that working with resin-based adhesives is more advantageous than dextrin-based products.

Should you need help in identifying which of our formulations is perfect for the job, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also provide you with details of our other formulations not listed on this page.

If none of our available products fit your requirements, we can provide you with custom formulations. We have over 500 existing adhesives in our formulary that enable us to modify any of our current products, or even create a new one for you. Just talk to our development staff, and we'll make a new silk screen adhesive based on your specifications.

Since 1937, our chemists have been formulating adhesives to suit specific applications including arts and crafts, bookbinding, laminating, and packaging among others. Call us at 1-844-694-5666 to learn more about our products and capabilities.