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With nearly eighty years of industry experience, U.S. Adhesives has risen to become one of the top adhesive suppliers and manufacturers in the country. We go beyond glue manufacturing by working closely with our customers to produce and continuously refine the adhesive solutions and glue products they require for its own products. As a leading adhesive manufacturer, we know that every company has their own specific requirements and applications. Thanks to our experienced chemists, we have been successful in providing specialized solutions that meet our customers' demands.

We offer a wide range of adhesives, including PVA Emulsion, VAE Emulsion, Acrylics, SBR Latex, Natural Rubber, Construction Adhesives, Hot Melt, Dextrin, and Animal Glue.


Custom formulation is our specialty.

We have hundreds of adhesive formulations; this is what sets us apart from other adhesive companies. In our “In House” lab, we can create the perfect formulation to meet your needs.

Since our inception in 1937, we have developed adhesive formulas for a wide range of uses. We have provided solutions to problems that manufacturers have come to rely on us to solve - in paper converting, textile production, tape coating, and many other applications.

Our diversified portfolio of products allows us to tap into our formulary in order to provide off-the-shelf or custom made adhesives. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs. We are confident that our experienced chemists will exceed your expectations.

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Our wide range of mixing equipment allows us to provide specialty adhesives and binding products in small or large quantities.

Whether you require tankers, totes, drums or five gallon pails, we surpass other adhesive suppliers by having the flexibility to service your account with utmost care and attention to detail.

Toll Manufacturing & Bottling

Aside from glue manufacturing, we also offer toll manufacturing and private label bottling and packaging for either your formulation or ours. Many sizes are available. Contact us for more information.


U.S. Adhesives is an adhesive manufacturer and formulator of a wide range of adhesive and glue products including hot melt, water based resins, dextrin and animal glues.

We have an established product line that can meet the needs of a variety of industrial applications, and we are willing to custom formulate adhesives to meet your specific requirements. With our wide range of mixing equipment, small or large quantities should not be a problem.

U.S. Adhesives, centrally located in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 1937, and has been at its present location since 1960. Our commitment to quality and customer service for both national and international accounts has kept us at the forefront of the industry.