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Pressure-Sensitive Hot Melt adhesives

Below is a listing of our most popular pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives.

Feel free to contact us as we have other formulations available. Also, our development staff can create a new adhesive to meet your unique requirements.

Item # Description

HM-PSA-1 is a fugitive hot melt exhibiting excellent machining, low color and good pot stability.


This pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive is specially formulated to exhibit clean machining, low Gardener color and aggressive tack and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

HM-PSA-3 HM-PSA-3 is a specially designed formula for bonding foil to board.

This pressure-sensitive hot melt is a premium product designed for product assembly applications, exhibiting clean machining, excellent heat stability and minimal staining characteristics.


HM-PSA-5 is a low cost, specially formulated hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for credit card attachment, exhibiting clean machining and minimal staining characteristics.