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Animal Glue Problem Solver

The following pages contain answers to some common problems.  
If you need further assistance be sure to contact us.

We also have the  Perfect Binding (Hot Melt) Problem Solver  page.

Standard 140º-150º F.
Higher temperatures will increase open time.  Lower temperatures will decrease open time.
Standard 20 Thousands Prox.
Thinner amount will decrease open time.  Thicker amount will increase open time.
Starting Point 10-15% Water
More water will increase open time.  Less water will decrease open time.  More water will thin adhesive.  Water should be replaced periodically to maintain viscosity (always add hot water).
Room Temperature
Average 72º F.
Higher temperature will increase open time.  Lower temperature will decrease open time.
Room Humidity
Average 50%
Higher humidity will increase open time.  Lower humidity will decrease open time.
Open Time
1 - 1.5 minutes before turning edge, depending on the above conditions.
Foam is usually due to high viscosity, caused by low heat or lack of water.