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Perfect Binding (Hot Melt) Problem Solver

The following pages contain answers to some common problems.  
If you need further assistance be sure to contact us.

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HM-1 Fast Set Single Clamp Sulby 4-5 Sec.
HM-2 Slow Set Multi Clamp Sulby 10-12 Sec.
350º F. Normal Paper.
375º F. Coated Paper if necessary.
15 to 20 Thousandths of an inch looking at trimmed edge of back bone.
Paper / Signature
Clay, coated, enamel papers are harder to stick.
Above 40 LB., paper is harder to stick.
IMPORTANT: Grain should run parallel to back bone (long grain).  Perpendicular (short grain) will reduce page pull 25%.
Paper should be at room temperature 72º F.
book binding troubleshooting
Paper / Cover
The area inside the cover at the back bone should not be coated.
Cover stock should be at room temperature 72º F.
Temperature Near The Binder
Should be operated at room temperature 72º F. or above.  It is important there are no cold drafts on the binder.
Coverage of Hot Melt
1 LB. of hot melt (15 to 20 thousandth of an inch thick) will make 756 sq. in. of back bone.
12 inch book, 1 inch thick = 12 sq. in.
756/12 = 63 books (approx.).